Barlèsh and my “cucina improvvisa”

Impromptu as a burst of water, like a cherry blossoming, or the arrival of a new season, reminding us that
everything reiterates, seemingly repeating, yet always ever-changing.

It’s a cuisine born of this territory, an expression of its ingredients: singular and rare.

It’s a space where I hone my craft, that of a cook.

It’s the home I’ve returned to, where the travels and experience of my past years take shape and reveal
themselves… now, finally: Barlèsh!

cucina alternativa

Francesco Berardinelli

I was born on Lago Maggiore, but grew up Tuscan, in Montevarchi.

My mother is from Veneto and my father from Molise, so I sum three different, beautiful regions and
heritages, a rich palimpsest for my creations.

My far-reaching journey began with Osteria di Rendola, my first restaurant in Tuscany, then led me to Imola,
Piacenza, New York, Hong Kong, Moscow and Paris.

I’ve returned to Montevarchi to put all this into my own perspective, to cook simply and sincerely, and offer
the warmth of Barlèsh hospitality to my friends and all the world’s “golosi”.

Montevarchi and its territory

Montevarchi has a rich history, like so many of Tuscany’s towns.
For me, it’s the place where it all began, in 1994, with my first small country restaurant.

A territory bordered on one side by the Pratomagno massif, on the other by the hillsides of Chianti, with the
Arno river its midriff.

A thriving community with age-old, indigenous traditions and singular ingredients that are a joy for me to
prepare – the ideal home for a “goloso” like myself.

How things work at Barlèsh

Barlèsh rest days are Sunday and Monday.

Lunch: half past noon to 2 p.m.
Dinner: 7 p.m. to 10 p.m.

At both lunch and dinner you’re free to choose from our menu.
At dinner we also offer our Menù Degustazione, at the price of €60 per person, excluding drinks.

Barlèsh will gladly serve your bottle of wine, at a corking fee of 15 euros each.

Let us know in advance about any food allergies/intolerances. We’ll help you choose the recipes best suited
to your diet.

Barlèsh has limited seating, so booking is always appreciated.

Barlèsh is ideal for private events or a special dinner – call us and we’ll be happy to work out all the details.

Though we lack high chairs or specialised seating for kids under 8, Barlèsh welcomes all hungry children
who are happy to choose from the Barlèsh menu.

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